The F-Bomb: A Rant

I am exhausted. I’m  tired of trying to please everyone in my life. At the end of the day, no one is happy, me least of all. You see, I enjoy an alternative lifestyle. I won’t  give you too many details, but I will say I not only enjoy my life, I embrace it. I belong to  it. I couldn’t imagine a boring leave-it-to-beaver life, lacking my awesome strange friends, our booze, smoke, and laughter filled nights, or our existential conversations at 4 in the morning.
I couldn’t imagine not cussing! That might sound stupid, but FUCK is a very important word in my vocabulary. It can be an adjective,  a noun, a verb. It expresses a wide range of emotions. Honestly, I don’t know how some people live without ever dropping an F-bomb. I don’t  think I’d be the same person without a few expletives sprinkled in.
The fact is, I like being crass. I like being a little bit raunchy, even controversial. Not only is it a great way to get people to listen, it’s  comfortable to me. Like a brand new pair of leggings, cussing just feels right. But, like leggings, my language and my message is going to piss people off sometimes. I can cry about it and eat junk food, like I did this morning, or I can let it fuel me and write about it. And still probably eat junk food.
I realized something, since I started writing this post.  I am going to piss people off. I am going to have more people disagree with me as more people read this blog. And that’s ok! The is America and you have every right that I have.  So disagree with me! Throw me a comment, lets start a discussion about it. I love debating, especially with intelligent and educated people.  But if you come here to spout hate, and to try and shoot me down,  keep on moving. I am shining too bright for anyone to put out my light.


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