Sandra Bland Dashcam

The dashcam of Sandra Bland getting arrested is shocking and disturbing. I hear all the time how I sound like a criminal or “suspicious” because I don’t trust police officers and I don’t trust our system. This is why. For a fucking failure to signal, a police officer yanked her out of her own car and threw her to the ground. This is scary! Wake up America!!! Just because if hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it can’t! When the police have the power to physically harm someone who was no threat WE. Have. A. Problem. This officer won’t even get in trouble, unfortunately, and the cycle of abuse will continue. Not all cops are bad, but when you got a few bad seeds you have to look at the whole apple.

Find the short version of the 45 minute video here:

Keep in mind this video is disturbing and may be a trigger for some people, but it needs to be seen. We need to share this and watch it and question what the fuck happened here?!
For Sandra.


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