Pewee Valley Aminal Clinic: A Review

This summer,  for the first time, I decided to get my big, fluffy kitty Kush groomed.  I’ve never seem the need before,  but after missing a few brushes his fur had gotten matted and he was getting dandruff. I figured he would be more comfortable and i could stand to not brush him twice a day. 


There’s something you should know about Kush. He is feisty.  And I don’t mean like normal hyper kitty who chases feathers.  I mean like small bobcat with a taste for blood. You’d never guess it by looking at him.  He’s usually very laid back and loving,  but when you piss him off, it’s over.
So I knew I would need to take him to a real veterinarian to get him sedated.  What I didn’t know was how hard it would be to find someone who will shave a cat.  I must have called 10 vets and clinics before I found Peewee Valley Animal Clinic.  Most places told me they didn’t groom cats.  The ones that did gave me estimates between $100-150 for a sedated bath and shave.  That was way out of my price range. I was considering googling “how many benadryl would knock my cat out.” Almost as a last resort, I called PeeWee Valley, even though it was about 40 minutes away.
The receptionist was friendly and reassuring.  She explained the process and,  best of all,  quoted me a price that was half of every other place I’d called! I was able to make an appointment within the week, though i suspect they get full quickly at the beginning of the summer.

Kush was not a happy camper on the ride there–he knew where we were going!


But I felt good about the place from the beginning.  It was clean,  the patients and workers were friendly, and there were adorable pictures of pets and their owners on the walls.  I was able to give specific instructions about what I wanted done, and for the most part they followed them.  My only complaint was that I asked not to clip his nails and they did anyways. 
That was honeslty my only complaint.  The cut looked good and he didn’t seem to traumatized. Haha


Overall, it was very affordable and a positive experience for us. It was well worth the drive and I would definitely take Kush there again.



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