Review: Adult Coloring Books!!!


OK. To be fair this book is called Natural Wonders Color Art for everyone. But the big trend right now is Adult Coloring Books and I think this qualifies. I picked this up at my local craft store for $5.99… Well $3.99; I had a coupon. 😜
There were several more in the Color Art for everyone brand, but this one appealed to me the most for design reasons. They all have repeating patterns, though and I really like it, aesthetically. The simple but intricate, which I realise makes no sense, layout of each page is really beautiful, sometimes psychedelic, and definitely abstract.


I use a 24 pack of color pencils and whatever fine tip pens and markers I can find. I have had it for over a  week and I haven’t finished my second page yet.


If I had my way, though I get every possible color of fine tip sharpie and use those. The pages are thick enough to not bleed through, and they are begging for that big bold color!
I would totally recommend these Coloring Books to any “adult” (person over 18) who likes to keep their hands busy, like me, or wants a simple way to reduce stress and clear your head.



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