Super Simple Munchies: Fried Potato Cakes

One of my favorite food groups is leftovers.  They’re simple, they’re versatile, they can be almost anything. What I love most of all, though, is turning leftovers from yesterday into a whole different meal today.


Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite leftovers to make into something new. This recipe is fast and fun and everyone loves the end result. All you need is leftover mashed potatoes, salt, flour, and butter.
In a bowl, mix the potatoes with a punch or salt and a pinch of flour.  This gives it a bit more flavor and helps the cakes hold shape.


Throw a tablespoon of butter in a frying pan on medium heat.  Take palm sized pieces of your mashed mixture and patty them out and make a single layer in that yummy melted butter.


This part requires patience. You must let the patties fry enough that they will keep their shape when flipped. This takes about 6 minutes. They will be a nice mottled golden brown. Flip them over and get the second side nice and crispy, too.


Serve with ketchup on the side & eat them quick! If anyone finds out you made potato cakes, they’ll want some, too!


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