I’m baaack!

I have been completely MIA from blogging for a few months. I am ready to start again, and be better than ever. First, though I figured I would give a rundown of what’s been going on and where An Adjective And A Noun is headed in the next few months.
My husband and I moved, yet again. This time it is a bit more permanent, and all our own! I got (and quit) a second job. Allen for a new job that requires him to be away from home Monday through Friday. My number one goal has been to keep myself busy so i don’t get too lonely. This means I’ve been crafting,  cooking,  reading,  and drinking too much wine. I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you guys!
You can expect much of the same content as in the past, but aA&aN will be heading in the direction of a lifestyle blog, particularly my lifestyle.  I will attempt to share my life experiences every day,  whether I’m decorating my new home,  cooking dinner,  or I just finished a new book. I love to write, and this blog started out as a way for me to practice my writing skills.  It has morphed into a type of journal to me.  It helps me to develop my voice and to keep memories close. I write for me, but I’m glad you can enjoy it, too.
As always,  I love feedback and comments.

Stay happy.

Olaf, my faithful friend.

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