Miracle Dip


We had a potluck at work today.  I had big plans to make pumpkin bars shaped like little pumpkins. But of course life always gets in the way so I opted for an easy crowd pleaser. I’ve been making this dip for years and i honestly don’t know where I found it.  I’ve been tweaking it to fit my fridge and budget over the years as well.  I call it miracle dip because you can add or take away ingredients and is still basically pretty good. Also,  I never measure anything for this dip, just taste as you go.
Start with a jar of miracle whip. Throw the whole thing in a big mixing bowl. Add heaping spoonfuls of dill and parsley.
Add atleast a cup of bacon bits or chopped bacon. I usually add green onions to mine.  You can also add shredded cheese, green peppers, whatever fits your fancy,  really. Chill the dip for a couple hours before serving it with pretzels or crackers or chips.
Seriously, people freak out over this dip.



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