Buy Local Fair Roundup

Last Sunday was the 4th Annual Buy Local Fair here in Louisville, KY. This is a big event where local businesses set up booths in one of our beautiful parks and Louisvillians flock to get coupons, drink bourbon and discover cool things to do in our hometown.  Any chance I get to learn about my awesome city, I take! I was so excited to explore the fair and find some neat things to do this summer.
I am terrible about taking pictures when I’m out having fun, but I did collect a lot of literature, so I just wanted to share with you a couple of places I discovered that are really neat in Louisville right now. There were what seemed like hundreds of businesses, from restaurants and boutiques, to wineries and yoga studios and hometown tour companies. The possibilities really are endless in Possibility City. I am only going to cover 6 places that I’m really interested in, but I’d love to hear about your favorite “hometown tourist” spots here in Louisville.

1. Louisville Salt Caves


The Louisville Salt Cave is something I’ve been interested in for a while. They carted in 5 tons of 250 million year old Himalayan Salt and a halogenerator to create a pure air environment that is allergen free and saturated in negative ions, which increase your serotonin levels, making you happy! Additionally, salt therapy, or “halotherapy” helps with a plethora of health issues, including respiratory issues, dermatological issues, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and more. This one is definitely on my list to check out soon.

2. 502 Power Yoga


I have been wanting to join a yoga studio for a while now, but there are so many different types I didn’t know what to choose. I saw a lot of studios at the fair, but 502 Power Yoga  stood out to me. They are the only studio in the state that teaches the Baptiste Method, and I love how they talk about yoga as a lifestyle, and community. On their website it says their goal is “to empower people to transform their bodies, minds, lives, and communities one breath and one pose at a time.” That sounds like something I want to be a part of. They have a new student introductory package of unlimited classes for 40 days for 40$ and that’s really freakin’ good. My first class is this Saturday! So look for an update on this cool new studio.

3. Tattoo Charlies


To be honest, I didn’t just discover Tattoo Charlies. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I actually have two gorgeous tattoos from them, and my sister has one. They have amazingly talented artists who really work with you to create the perfect image. This goes for the Tattoo Charlies on Dixie Hwy, too! Also, they have vegan ink, and that’s really neat.

4. University of Louisville Art Scene


We all know University of Louisville  is a great place to get an education, but this summer I want you to remember that UofL also has loads of different activities and exhibits to entertain you, some at very little to no cost. While I was at the Buy Local fair I got several pamphlets from UofL. One was for one of their current art exhibitions, called Summer Breaks: Labor, Leisure, Lust… Y’all know how much I love art and alliteration! That’s going in until August 5th, I’m definitely gonna check it out. The Hite Art Institute at UofL actually has 6 art galleries they maintain. That’s an entire day worth of culture and entertainment! Additionally, they have enough art on the campus itself, there’s a tour revolved around it. Its called the Art Walk.

5. Louisville Vegan Jerky Company


Ok, to be honest, I didn’t see the Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. at the Buy Local Fair, I saw them at the Flea Off Market, which is another fun local event we have. But I reallllly wanted to share this awesome product with you. It is gluten-free,  non-gmo certified, soy based jerky and it is seriously yummy. Plus, they have a Jerky of the Month Club, where you can subscribe to get 3 bags of jerky delivered to your door for 20$ a month. PLUS, 1$ of each month goes to an animal sanctuary that needs funding.  So many pluses!

6. PlayThink Movement and FlowArts Festival


The 5th annual PlayThink Festival is going down June 15-19 this year in Berea, Ky, about two hours from Louisville. It includes a lot of really cool things to do, learn ,watch, and buy. Though I won’t be able to attend this festival,  it looks like it would be perfect for my hippie self, and anyone who considers themselves a hippie or a free spirit. It looks like tickets are selling out fast, though, so I would hurry over to their website and get one if you’re interested.


This is only a tiny taste of what Louisville has to offer. I tried to showcase a variety of things to entertain you this summer, but trust me there is SOOO much more Louisville has to offer, so keep checking my blog throughout the summer for more fun things to do in Possibility City! And as always, I would love to hear about your favorite spots in The Ville!

From Possibility City,




The Arctic Scoop: A Review

I had a rough morning today. It’s been raining for a month straight and I just started my period. I’m hormonal, exhausted, and then ready for this weekend. After spending about an hour moping and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to head to work early, rather than continue the one-woman pity party I was currently throwing.

As I drove down Hurstebourne Lane I passed a shopping center with a gym and a bookstore and a purple fronted store called The Arctic Scoop. I had heard this name in passing and decided that ice cream would be the perfect comfort food for me on this rainy, yucky day.

The shop was open and warm, with murals on the walls and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It smelled like cold, sweet, cream. There were friendly, hand drawn chalk board signs displaying the different options

for building your ice cream and cute little signs recommending combinations of flavors and mix ins.

I had never been to this shop before and I expected the normal set up: a counter with tubs of ice cream, a couple types of cones and maybe some yummy toppers. This was not the case at The Arctic Scoop. They are a nitrogen ice cream shop, which is, apparently, all the rage right now. I was instructed to pick a “base” from different milk products. I chose almond milk. I was tickled that they had so many non-dairy options when it came to bases. After the “base” I got to choose two flavors. I chose white chocolate and coconut.

For my “add-ins” I got to choose two. It was a difficult to choose from all the amazing choices, but I picked almonds and vanilla wafers. The attendant took all my ingredients and threw them in a metal bowl and swirled them around with a bunch of smoke and magic and created a milkshake.

I don’t honestly know the benefits of nitrogen made ice cream, if there are any, but I know that milkshake was the bomb dot com!!! Creamy and full of flavor and piled high with homemade whipped cream. Smooth and sweet and just what I needed.

Milkshakes are $5.99 for a nice size shake, I honestly don’t know how big it was. They also had ice cream cones, cups, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, banana splits, and other sweet stuff.

It seemed like the perfect place to take a date or bring the kids. I love the fact that it is open until 11 on the weekends. I would love to catch a late night scoop with my hubby one day soon.


ColourPop Cosmetics Review

I recently went vegetarian (again…) and I have also been thinking about other aspects of my life and how I can make them cruelty-free and animal friendly. Of course, this is really just an excuse for me to go shopping and buy more stuff, which isn’t sustainable at all… but I digress.

So a friend told me about ColourPop. She mentioned that they were cruelty free and best of all, for your first purchase you got 5$ off! This paid for the shipping when I ordered 3 items from their website.

The website was full of gorgeous, deep colors and a great selection in lip colors, the main cosmetic I was shopping for. I found the Ultra Matte Lip line to be full of rich, pretty colors. I picked out the deepest red I could find, called LAX. I love how each shade of Matte Lip featured a corresponding Lippie Pencil so you could order both and not worry so much about the colors not matching. I ordered the Lippie pencil in Creature.

I have bought and returned several lipsticks from different drugstores because I didn’t like the texture or it rubbed off too quickly. I did not have this problem with the Ultra Matte Lip or the Lippie pencil. The color was very rich and true to the color on the website. It last a really long time, too. After two hours of continuous talking at work my lips had only just started fading and the color was still really vibrant. I was really impressed with how good it looked after a couple hours and I only had to do a little touchup.

The only complaint I have on the Lippie Pencil is that it is plastic-covered and it requires a sharpener. I wish it was the kind that you twist to refill, instead of sharpening it because it is an odd size and doesn’t quite fit my sharpener.

I also bought the Super Shock Cheek Matte Powder in “Bon Voyage.” I just wanted a face powder that could give me even coverage and help my foundation to stay all day. I love that the powder is super matte and it is really soft, almost moist. I use a simple blush brush to apply to my whole face and the color matches really well and applies evenly. After two hours I did have to reapply, but my face wasn’t as shiny as it normally is.

Overall, I loved all the cosmetics I ordered from ColourPop and I LOOOVE that they are cruelty free! Compared to some of the big makeup names, ColourPop is really affordable, each piece was only eight dollars a piece and the coupon code paid for the shipping and handling. I will definitely be ordering more of the Ultra Matte Lip Colors and I would like to try their Cream Gel Liners, too!

I am trying to  live a more earth friendly life. I’m not giving up my lipstick, but I’m proud to buy cruelty-free cosmetics and other products. As I do so, I will  continue to review them. I would love to hear what products you swear by that come from cruelty-free, vegan, and earth conscious companies.

Positive Vibes



A Blog About Books

I am so sorry! I have been absent for far too long and I really have no excuse. In November I took a break to do NaNoWriMo. While I did not complete it, I did learn a lot about making and keeping writing habits. Now I just have to put this into practice. As you may have noticed, it’s almost March, so my track record is not great. That being said, I am working every day to be a better writer and make better habits in general, so I present to you a blog post. Aren’t you lucky? 🙂
One of the many things I have been doing lately is reading, of course. I got a couple of good books for Christmas, and have hit a couple of my favorite used book stores in the last couple months, too. So this blog  contains a list of the books I’ve read lately, with a brief overview and recomendation.  These are in no particular order and  they have nothing in common, except that they are all fiction.
The 12 Tribes of Hattie By Ayana Mathis
This book is a novel but, it is also 12 short stories. Each chapter is one of Hattie’s childrens’ stories. Hattie herself is quiite aloof as a character. We learn more about her through her sons and daughters then through direct cotact with Hattie. In this way, Hattie haunts the reader as much as as she haunts her children. Mathis writes beautifully, capturing the feeling of toughness and love Hattie attempts to bestow on her children, while also giving the reader an idea of the impact of the political, social, or economic issues going on during the decade each chapter, or story, is told in. This book deals with class, race, place, family, motherhood, and so many more really good themes. I reccomend it for anyone who likes to read books on Oprah’s List.
The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver
I adored this book, like I adore all Kingsolver books, but this one even more so. She explores themes of identity, through names, family, place, people, race, and food. She also tackles the extremely current topic of immigration. To me, this book is a modern classic and should be required reading in high schools. The characters are familiar and lovable. The feelings evoked are universal. A very basic plot summary, no spoilers, is that a young woman fresh out of high school leaves home to find herself, finds a toddler, breaks down in a podunk town, and discovers a life. I reccomend it for anyone in their twenties who feels like they have no idea where their life is going.
Fun fact! There is also a sequel called Pigs in Heaven. I’ll let you know what I think when I get to it 🙂
A Shiver of Light By Laurell K Hamilton
Mom! Stop reading now! Skip down to the next book!
Ok, A Shiver of Light is the 8th book in the Merry Gentry Series. They are… a bit of a guilty pleasure. They revolve around Merry Gentry, first fairy princess born on American soil. She’s also the reincarnation of a fertility and love goddess, she has a bunch of hott guards, and she is allowed to sleep with all of  them. Yeah, these are steamy romance novels, and they are freaking hot! Even better than that, they are actually well developed and have really likeable characters, and a cool supernatural element. Hamilton also writes the Anita Blake series, which I have heard are also steaming hot, but very well written. I reccomend this for anyone looking for a bit of hanky panky with their literature.
Wither, Fever, Sever The Chemical Garden Trilogy By Lauren DeStefano
I really liked these books for what they were: A bit over the top, totally cliche, young adult novels. The idea that sometime in the future a virus would kill everyone once they reached 20 (girls) or 25 (guys) is compelling and I really enjoyed reading this series, but I felt like something was missing. Themes tackled were sickness, cost of health, mortality, time, adulthood, maturity, motherhood, siblings, friendship, and freedom, but none of the themes were explored as fully as they could have been. When I finished the book I felt lacking in answers, or wanting more from the story.
The Kept By James Scott
This book starts out with Elspeth, our main character, coming home to her entire family dead. It is a very serious thriller and pageturner. You never know what’s going to happen but you’re dying to find out. You can’t stop rooting for poor Elspeth and Caleb, from the tragic beginning to the tragic end. This book explores many themes including indentity through names, gender, family, religion, as well as nature vs. nurture, revenge, violence, isolation, good vs. evil, and motherhood.
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City By Ransom Riggs
I originally saw these books on the shelf at the bookstore and they caught my eye because of the black and white photos sprinkled throughout. They were all oddities and trick of the light pictures, and that intrigued me. I soon discovered the story was not only equally interesting, but it coincided well with the pictures. It doesn’t even feel forced. This is a very rare art to get right and I value it highly, coupling visual and literary arts in a novel, because I’d like to do it one day. This novel has magic and the supernatural, but is grounded in history and emotion. Additionally, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is going to be coming out in theaters this year so you know you’re probably about to love it. I reccomend it if you love to have a jump on the newest trends.
The All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion By Fannie Flagg
This book is a classic Fannie Flagg book, maybe minus some of the lesbian undertones. Full of middle aged identity crisis coupled with an exciting hidden story from the past. A story that involves fierce female bonding and women succeeding in a man’s world, in any ways they can. Fannie Flagg may be formulaic, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need. I love to pick up one of her books for some easy, feel-good reading.

That’s all I have for now. Til next time,

Louisville Exclusive: Burger Boy


I love breakfast.  I think it is the most versatile meal and should be enjoyed at any time possible. That being said,  fuck McDonald’s all day breakfast,  which does not even include the almighty biscuit, king of breakfast sandwiches and gravy’s perfect mate. Luckily,  I happen to be best friends with a fellow breakfast enthusiast, and we both learned of this hidden gem on Brook and Burnett long ago. We set off for Burger Boy today around noon,  when good breakfast was hard to come by. 


Burger Boy is simple and unassuming, with an open counter and grill in view.  It’s got a juke box and some cool signs.  Regular diner stuff. The staff is always friendly, the service usually quick.  Bri and I always get breakfast, but I’ve ordered burgers there before,  and they are very good.


Today,  though,  I got the Burger Boy Special. Biscuits & Gravy, to be brought out first, please; plus two eggs-over medium, toast, fried potatoes,  and sausage, bacon or ham. The biscuit & gravy I managed to get a picture of, but the rest of the meal was devoured at first sight.
The biscuits and gravy were good,  but a little cold. The gravy is always nice and thick, though, so it was still delicious. The bacon was crispy, the potatoes well seasoned. But the real show stealer was the eggs. I dont know if their eggs are organic or local, and I forgot to ask,  but they are seriously amazing.  They taste better than any egg I’ve ever had.  They’re light and soft and silky and buttery.  It tastes like they have a golden hen in the backroom laying eggs to order.
It was less than $20 for the two of us to eat huge meals and have some coffee. I would totally recommend Burger Boy for anyone at anytime who is hungry. Plus it’s open 24/7 and serves the full menu 24/7. So suck on that McDonald’s.

Review: Adult Coloring Books!!!


OK. To be fair this book is called Natural Wonders Color Art for everyone. But the big trend right now is Adult Coloring Books and I think this qualifies. I picked this up at my local craft store for $5.99… Well $3.99; I had a coupon. 😜
There were several more in the Color Art for everyone brand, but this one appealed to me the most for design reasons. They all have repeating patterns, though and I really like it, aesthetically. The simple but intricate, which I realise makes no sense, layout of each page is really beautiful, sometimes psychedelic, and definitely abstract.


I use a 24 pack of color pencils and whatever fine tip pens and markers I can find. I have had it for over a  week and I haven’t finished my second page yet.


If I had my way, though I get every possible color of fine tip sharpie and use those. The pages are thick enough to not bleed through, and they are begging for that big bold color!
I would totally recommend these Coloring Books to any “adult” (person over 18) who likes to keep their hands busy, like me, or wants a simple way to reduce stress and clear your head.


Pewee Valley Aminal Clinic: A Review

This summer,  for the first time, I decided to get my big, fluffy kitty Kush groomed.  I’ve never seem the need before,  but after missing a few brushes his fur had gotten matted and he was getting dandruff. I figured he would be more comfortable and i could stand to not brush him twice a day. 


There’s something you should know about Kush. He is feisty.  And I don’t mean like normal hyper kitty who chases feathers.  I mean like small bobcat with a taste for blood. You’d never guess it by looking at him.  He’s usually very laid back and loving,  but when you piss him off, it’s over.
So I knew I would need to take him to a real veterinarian to get him sedated.  What I didn’t know was how hard it would be to find someone who will shave a cat.  I must have called 10 vets and clinics before I found Peewee Valley Animal Clinic.  Most places told me they didn’t groom cats.  The ones that did gave me estimates between $100-150 for a sedated bath and shave.  That was way out of my price range. I was considering googling “how many benadryl would knock my cat out.” Almost as a last resort, I called PeeWee Valley, even though it was about 40 minutes away.
The receptionist was friendly and reassuring.  She explained the process and,  best of all,  quoted me a price that was half of every other place I’d called! I was able to make an appointment within the week, though i suspect they get full quickly at the beginning of the summer.

Kush was not a happy camper on the ride there–he knew where we were going!


But I felt good about the place from the beginning.  It was clean,  the patients and workers were friendly, and there were adorable pictures of pets and their owners on the walls.  I was able to give specific instructions about what I wanted done, and for the most part they followed them.  My only complaint was that I asked not to clip his nails and they did anyways. 
That was honeslty my only complaint.  The cut looked good and he didn’t seem to traumatized. Haha


Overall, it was very affordable and a positive experience for us. It was well worth the drive and I would definitely take Kush there again.