ColourPop Cosmetics Review

I recently went vegetarian (again…) and I have also been thinking about other aspects of my life and how I can make them cruelty-free and animal friendly. Of course, this is really just an excuse for me to go shopping and buy more stuff, which isn’t sustainable at all… but I digress.

So a friend told me about ColourPop. She mentioned that they were cruelty free and best of all, for your first purchase you got 5$ off! This paid for the shipping when I ordered 3 items from their website.

The website was full of gorgeous, deep colors and a great selection in lip colors, the main cosmetic I was shopping for. I found the Ultra Matte Lip line to be full of rich, pretty colors. I picked out the deepest red I could find, called LAX. I love how each shade of Matte Lip featured a corresponding Lippie Pencil so you could order both and not worry so much about the colors not matching. I ordered the Lippie pencil in Creature.

I have bought and returned several lipsticks from different drugstores because I didn’t like the texture or it rubbed off too quickly. I did not have this problem with the Ultra Matte Lip or the Lippie pencil. The color was very rich and true to the color on the website. It last a really long time, too. After two hours of continuous talking at work my lips had only just started fading and the color was still really vibrant. I was really impressed with how good it looked after a couple hours and I only had to do a little touchup.

The only complaint I have on the Lippie Pencil is that it is plastic-covered and it requires a sharpener. I wish it was the kind that you twist to refill, instead of sharpening it because it is an odd size and doesn’t quite fit my sharpener.

I also bought the Super Shock Cheek Matte Powder in “Bon Voyage.” I just wanted a face powder that could give me even coverage and help my foundation to stay all day. I love that the powder is super matte and it is really soft, almost moist. I use a simple blush brush to apply to my whole face and the color matches really well and applies evenly. After two hours I did have to reapply, but my face wasn’t as shiny as it normally is.

Overall, I loved all the cosmetics I ordered from ColourPop and I LOOOVE that they are cruelty free! Compared to some of the big makeup names, ColourPop is really affordable, each piece was only eight dollars a piece and the coupon code paid for the shipping and handling. I will definitely be ordering more of the Ultra Matte Lip Colors and I would like to try their Cream Gel Liners, too!

I am trying to  live a more earth friendly life. I’m not giving up my lipstick, but I’m proud to buy cruelty-free cosmetics and other products. As I do so, I will  continue to review them. I would love to hear what products you swear by that come from cruelty-free, vegan, and earth conscious companies.

Positive Vibes




New Undercut Hair!

I have been talking about making a change for a couple months now, but couldn’t buck up the courage to actually do something. Thursday a friend of mine came over with trimmers and I let her start shaving before i could change my mind. She gave me a undercut with a design shaved in it.
I freakin love it. I can’t stop rubbing the back of my head and begging my husband to take a couple more pictures. I am really excited about the fact that every time I get it touched up I can have a different design shaved into it.
I’ve been so obsessed with my hair lately, it even got me thinking about it from a feminist and sociological position. I’m going to try and write a paper about the politics of hair in 2015 and how people use their hair to define themselves. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own hair, or in the politics of hair.

Wishing you good hair days forever,

Teal Obsessions

I have been obsessed with teal things lately,  and I thought I’d share some of the fun things I’ve found.


Got this adorable teal watch at Michael’s for only 8.99$ Its a gelly material, so its an soft and comfortable. My only problem is now I need to get the watch in all the other colors so I have one to match everything!


Got new nail polish at Sally’s. This is the first time I’ve ever done a design on my nails.  I used masking tape to create a simple design.  The pictures don’t give the colors justice. They make me think of dragon scales.



I also got this planner from Meijer.  It was on clearance for 4.69$ The clearance rack is always the first place I look,  no matter what store I walk in.
I absolutely need to keep a planner.  I work two jobs, work on this blog, and still attempt to live and enjoy life. In order to accomplish any of this,  I have to write down everything I need to do.  On a good day I accomplish 75% of these things.


What are your favorite colors lately?

Outfit of the Day



Sooo, i haven’t been a very good blogger this weekend. I haven’t posted for 2-3 days and I don’t really feel like writing or researching a whole lot, so I am posting my new outfit! My friend Linz is losing weight and gave me some of her old clothes. I looove this geometric patterned, high waisted skirt, and the salmon crop top looks perfect with it.
I used to never show my midriff, as you might remember from this post. But I’ve really been working on my self confidence, and I’m realizing I looove crop tops!!!
I also love brights colors and patterns.
What styles can you not get enough of?

Until next time,

Goodwill Steals

So my friend Linds and I went to the goodwill yesterday and I wanted to show off what I found. I also wanted to use this opportunity to work on my photography skills. I’m just using a really simple smart phone and the Google Photos editing tools, so don’t expect too much. Ha-ha
We went to the Goodwill in Mt. Washington, which is on the outskirts of Louisville. I hadn’t been to this one before and I knew I only wanted to spend ten dollars. I should’ve brought more money.
The store was clean, neat, and well organized. The cashier was friendly, and of course, the prices were great. For three dollars a piece I got three really cute items.
A pair of Charlotte Russe flats




I found a Vert purse. It’s my favorite color and it’s huge! I can fit a book, a planner, a journal, a wallet, and lipstick in it. Everything I need.


I also this badass sweatshirt! I can’t wait until it gets chilly and I can start wearing it.


What do you think? What’s your favorite goodwill/consignment find?

Stay positive!!!